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Outsourcing course creation and training with Innovative L&D allows you to cut labor costs to develop customized eLearning courses from scratch or convert existing course materials delivered in a traditional face-to-face manner to a modern, mobile-ready online course. 

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Digital Transformation Services

Innovative L&D will work closely with your key stakeholders and subject matter experts to identify your specific needs for Digital Transformation services. These services include Website & Webpage Design, Digital Marketing, Organization & Automation, Staff Training & Communication, and Virtual Planning & Preparation. 

Digital Literacy Training

Innovative L&D provides digital literacy training from Northstar’s learning platform. The training content is offered through customized Innovative training pathways. These pathways allow clients to customize their own learning experience by selecting desired training content from a wide variety of training courses.
Custom Content Creation


Innovative L&D offers a thorough Training Needs Analysis to identify the appropriate learning objectives, project goals, and target audience to properly create effective content.

Beginner Average Skilled Expert Producti

Innovative L&D uses the Train-the-Trainer framework to train training staff or subject matter experts to enable them to train other associates in organizations. In other words: Your employees will receive instruction through a compact training program that focuses on specific training content and on how to teach the training content to others.

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Professional Development


Innovative L&D provides your team members with professional development training to learn and apply new knowledge and skills that can help them in their job and further their careers. The basis of our training is about staying up-to-date on current trends, building your skillset and knowledge base for particular roles within the organization.

Personalized Learning Pathways


No two training plans are alike, as every client has specific strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. Therefore, Innovative L&D specializes in providing clients with personalized training paths that involve training activities, assessments, and goals for your individual training needs. Contact us today; creating your pathways is just a click away! 

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