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Coaching Training Performance Learning P

Innovative L&D uses the Train-the-Trainer framework to train training staff or subject matter experts to enable them to train other associates in organizations. In other words: Your employees will receive instruction through a compact training program that focuses on specific training content and on how to teach the training content to others.

Innovative L&D guarantee that your training team will benefit from our train-the-trainer model in the following ways:

  • Cost-effectiveness- It is less costly to work with one expert trainer to train internal subject matter experts, than hiring a large unit of external trainers to deliver every single training session within your business.

  • Consistency in delivering a training curriculum- Your trainers receive the exact same materials they were trained on, and therefore they distribute the same learning through the organization.

  • Tailored learning- collaborating with your subject matter experts provides the advantage of knowing the environment and culture of the organization as well as the products and services offered and client needs, allowing them to tailor the training content to the specific needs of the training participants.

  • Developing a competent internal training team- Once people attend a train-the-trainer program and they start teaching their own colleagues, their competence as instructors will keep growing.

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